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Indoor Trainer Classes

Indoor cycling training at Hefler Performance Coaching

Indoor Trainer Classes

Join us at our new Falls Church training location starting in January, 2024! Sign up here.

At HPC, we use Computrainer trainers and hardware coupled with Perf Pro software. Over 15 years, HPC has thoroughly researched and used nearly all “Smart Trainer" options available. We have found that only Computainer allows for a seamless data-stream of performance metrics in a multi rider class setting. Trainer reliability and accuracy allow our coaches to focus on YOU. Our indoor training sessions are top-quality. Every class we do has a purpose; all classes are highly structured to produce a specific training stress and resultant physiological adaptation. Individual workouts are carefully built to follow a periodized training progression so your training is efficient and directed. You will feel and see positive results for your cycling. The best part? You can- and will- train alongside all levels from new rider to active Professional Cyclists. And no one gets left behind!

Because fall and winter time brings shortened daylight hours and nasty riding weather, indoor training in a class setting rocks. Believe us, very few people like staring at a wall all alone on a trainer in their basement... Not fun. We do classes all year long, because people understand the quality that you get from training inside. No Stoplights. No talk ‘n walkers. No strava-chasing lunatics diving in and out on the bike path. Just solid, fun, proven cycling training designed to help you be a better rider.

Tips For Our Classes:

We also offer personalized training sessions for anyone that wants to use the power-based indoor cycling trainers to get an optimal quality workout.

  • The second session of CompuTrainer class is based on improving climbing efficiency, increasing strength and power endurance, and honing time trial skills – basically getting your Functional Threshold Power up!
  • We recommend that if you plan on attending class twice per week, you sign up for either a Tuesday/Thursday OR Wednesday/Saturday combination. This will ensure that the classes maximize your progressive training in the program.
  • It's best to do either an FTP test or a VO2 test before starting classes so that you have your own current, accurate physical data to use during the sessions to gain the most benefit.

Susan Hefler coaches indoor cycling

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own bike to class?

Yes. Our trainers are compatible with road, triathlon, cyclocross, and even hybrid bikes. You'll need a smooth rear tire without aggressive tread. Wear cycling clothing, cycling shoes, and bring a towel and water bottle with your favorite sports drink. 

Do the classes simulate racing conditions? 

Indoor cycling training at HPC is designed to improve cycling performance. We follow a carefully developed progression training load and recovery to ensure that your fitness improves dramatically over the course of a ten-week indoor training session. 

Will I be embarrassed if my fitness isn't good? 

Not at all! Each rider trains at their own fitness level and data is displayed relative only to you. In short, you may be riding next to a professional-level rider but you'll be doing your workout and never get left behind. HPC athletes range in ability from absolute beginners to professional-level road cyclists and elite-level triathletes. Our average athlete is 40-60 years old, rides for fun and fitness, and is looking to complete a century ride, a sprint triathlon, or a sport tour.