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Personalized Coaching Plans

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Taking You to the Next Level

Whether you're a professional cyclist, experienced triathlete, or just starting out and eager to improve your performance, HPC can take you to the next level of fitness.

How do we achieve the results you want?

HPC offers the accuracy of science with great results built on a foundation of real world experience and up-to-date knowledge.

Our first step is to meet with you in person to determine how to help you achieve your cycling goals in the most efficient way. Is it a Gran Fondo? A Gravel event? Ironman? Professional-level bicycle racing? Do you just want to maximize your enjoyment of riding? We'll create a solution together!

Once we've established your goals, our next step is to accurately assess aerobic and anaerobic parameters. Metabolic Testing, which measures both oxygen uptake and CO2 release, is very important. Using test data, we can draw up your specialized training plan. Your age, experience, performance goals, time allowance, work schedule, dog walking schedule etc... All factor into making the training plan achievable and successful for you.

With Metabolic data, we can apply an accurate progression of workload and recovery to optimize your training. Heart rate, or power, or both are used to monitor and adapt your training to your best result.

Meet Our Coaches

Coach Susan Hefler and Lindsay Goldman

Susan Hefler M.S.

USAC Elite Coach/Exercise Physiologist

Susan combines the science of coaching with the experience of competition to yield an effective method of coaching that produces great results! Susan holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and Peptide Chemistry. She is highly experienced as an elite level athlete and has extensive knowledge and experience in sports performance, physiology, and sports nutrition. Susan works closely with her athletes and provides real skills to help them focus in areas of planning and strategic thinking.

Joshua Mordin


I’ve been working with Susan for about a year. While I know I’ll never fulfill my dream of riding in the pro peloton, she’s given me the tools and confidence to be able to do more and really enjoy riding and racing. Just having someone other than me to hold me accountable for training when I’d rather be eating cheeseburgers while watching football is a huge benefit.

Lindsay Bayer
Professional Cyclist
I’ve been working with Susan Hefler since the early part of 2014 and she has done amazing things for my riding – I had a bad start to the year, but after working with her, all of my numbers have improved and I feel so much more confident. Her dedication to training and guiding her athletes provided the spark I needed to remember why I love to race. Where before I was seriously considering quitting, now I can’t wait for the 2015 season to start.

Pierre Pelletier

USAC Elite Coach, Certified Sports Massage Therapist, Professional Bicycle Fitting

Pierre has over 20 years experience as an elite level athlete and brings offers extensive expertise to his clients in bodywork, bike fit, and coaching. He has worked extensively with athletes in cycling, running, cross country ski racing, triathlon, and alpine akiing. Some of Pierre’s past clients include the U.S. Cycling Team, U.S. Ski Team, several top professional cycling teams, and numerous professional and amateur endurance athletes. Pierre combines an array of therapeutic bodywork and wellness techniques to improve athletic performance and minimize injury and overuse issues.

Coach Pierre Pelletier
Andrew Steele
Racer and pro-team mechanic

Pierre knows his stuff. He’s an educated fitter and is constantly engaging with new technologies to help get the most out of the man-machine combination. I’ve walked away from conversations with him very impressed, which isn’t always the case with some ‘professionals’. Before you spend $2,000 on a wheelset or buy carbon parts that are supposed to make your bike more comfortable, spend a fraction of that on getting your bike to work with you. Or on some corrective therapy that can actually fix the root cause of the pains that have been around since before you can remember.