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Custom Bike Fittings by Pierre Pelletier

Bike Fittings by Pierre Pelletier

Bike Fittings

Cycling Analysis at HPC Flight is an evidence-based positioning process for you and your bicycle that goes far beyond traditional “bike fits”. We use a fit-first methodology that takes careful evaluation of your body’s anthropometrics, current movement state and your injury history. We assess for range of motion, movement restrictions, and postural symmetry. We employ the latest technologies in Fit Cycle, Saddle Pressure Mapping, and Motion Capture to analyze and optimize your position on your bike. Together with you, we'll find opportunities and strategies to improve your stability and comfort. A more stable and balanced bicycle allows you to produce more power for climbs, corner with solid balance and descend with greater confidence. Best of all, you ride longer and stronger than ever before!

Fascia, the connective tissues throughout the body are key to producing balance and power on a bicycle. Emerging science suggests that the fascial net is packed with mechanoreceptors that may influence nearly all movement and most bodily functions. On the downside, imbalance in your body’s fascial net can manifest as lack of motion, cause pain in other parts of your body, and in short, curtail your enjoyment of bicycling. Are your hips level? Do you have different arch heights in each foot? Is a limited range of motion in your pelvis causing saddle instability and discomfort on long rides?

Do you suffer weak grip or hand discomfort on the bike? Are you able to look back over BOTH shoulders while riding? Does tightness or excessive movement cause discomfort, fatigue or loss of power on the bike? Is your footwear of proper length and width for your foot? These are just some of the parameters we assess BEFORE you even sit on a bicycle and pedal.

A firm understanding of your body’s unique pattern of movement is key to rendering a successful outcome between you and your bicycle. Fitting and Cycling Analysis with HPC Flight bridges the gap between the bike shop (who know nearly everything about your bike-but very little about your body) and your healthcare providers ( who know a lot about your body-and almost nothing about your bike!)

We carefully measure and assess key body position points on your current bicycle.

Is your bike too tall or too small for your body type?

Does your handlebar width match up with your shoulders? Are your shift levers level with each other?

Is your saddle rotated or bent? Is saddle pitch and fore/ aft appropriate? is the saddle of proper shape, width, and density for you? Is your footwear properly set up? Appropriate changes are made and evaluated.

We use GEBIOMIZED pressure mapping technology to add an important third dimension to 2D motion capture. All current bicycle fit systems- Retul, Dartfish, Guru,Precision Fit, etc…only give body angles to the fitter. Pressure mapping is a game-changer in validating a bio mechanically stable position for you on your bicycle. Which of these saddles would you rather ride? (hint, It’s the SAME saddle in each map).

Email Pierre to find out how he can help you with a custom bike fitting!

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