Kay Tsui


Name:   Kay Tsui
Date of Birth:  12/4/1949
Hometown:  Roswell, New Mexico
Weight: 112
Strengths:  Sprint and endurance
Years Racing:  8
Hobbies:  Cooking, gardening
Favorite Food:  Mexican food, sushi

Career Highlights:

  • Started racing at age 54, went to nationals for the first time in 2006 and won all three of my races!
  • Since 2006 I have competed at nationals each year and am a ten time national champion.

How did you get into bike racing?

At the age of about 49, after my knees had given out from jogging, I tried the bike and loved it. Flirted with the idea of training seriously and racing, but it took me about five years to make that a reality.

What is your favorite ride?

The N2 — a Saturday morning ride out of Rock Creek Park with my buddies from The Bicycle Place — usually to Poolesville and back = 56 miles.